Thursday, June 3, 2010

Chapter 2

There were a couple
In Lavers’
Got there. One was the light
The insomniac who wouldn’t
Wouldn’t stop dreaming of beautiful blondes.

Open the door of Lavers’
Sound of voices inside. I dropped into the
My unprintable thoughts
Opened and a tall, lean character
Beak of a nose and very thin lips. He had

Went well with his immaculate suit,
Past me without seeing me, because
Without looking that I was part of the
The character was outside the office,
“Your time getting here, Wheeler!” He growled. I sat down in

One with the loose spring that
In his office. “That corpse you found tonight,” Lavers grunted,
Agreed, “if it’s the reason
You?” he asked. “Sure,” I nodded, “he’s the guy who owns the
Saw just leaving my office,” the County

Son! That reefer-smoking … Bum,
He’s still Landis’ son and the
Murderer brought to justice. You can fill in the rest of
“A big wheel,” I said. “Mr. Landis”
Lavers said fiercely. “Mr. Landis controls the…

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